Love's shine.

Are you aware of the impact that’s hit?
For love is for fools, or as some may say.
Love can be folly, love is erratic.
It kills, it hurts, it haunts, it drags, but nay
Brings sorrow always. Joyous, joyous love
Can make the greatest non-believer weep.
I, though a skeptic, look to the above.
Bad choices lead to consequences reap.
I, locked in a silent ballet,
Cannot speak for sake of my façade,
My world is spinning in a dizzy array,
And I am screaming on the in and outside.
The clock ticks for time, as my heart beats for you.
Nay folly, for love shines, as does the moon.
♠ ♠ ♠
This is for my LA class. I just put it up. Been reeeaalllyyy busy, sorry! Will update ASAP! Anyway.... follows ABABCDCDEFEFGG.