Are You Sorry Now?

I gave you every piece, of my broken being,
Gave you every shard of dismembered feeling,
My heart like glass shattered all around the floor,
As a blade meets wrist and blood starts to pour,
Your actions were emersions of your feelings so true,
But my eyes were blinded by the kindness in you,
Destruction, now my only friend,
Now so unsure if I can ever mend…

Tears submerge my dreams when I close my eyes,
Even the sweetest dreams turn to things I despise,
Depression now seeps, into my mind,
Swallowing and drowning any happiness it finds,
I trusted you with every fibre of my being,
Hoping and praying you would not be miss-leading,
But you led me on to my demise,
Charming me with all your brilliant lies,

After my discovery of the vial truth,
I came to realise that you were uncouth,
That you were the only thing on your mind,
Hence why it was so easy for you to lie,
I gave all of my heart only to you,
Only for you to give yours to someone new,
I was just a convenience, on the side,
Little did I know that your love for me had already died,

Apologies are not wanted anymore,
You should have thought of that before,
Before you gave your love to another girl,
Before you ripped up and trampled all over my world,
Now all that I have for you is my hate,
Now your apologies are now far too late,
Your pity on me, I will not allow,
But tell me this, are you sorry now?

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