What Happened to Us?

I'm sitting here thinking back
to all the great times we had
back to the time when I was yours
and you were mine
All the great times we had
Now, it makes me so sad
What happened to us?
We were the best of friends
And then i whispered something new,
I told you I loved you
And you did, too.
We were so happy together
We made it through whatever
Now were apart,
And it's breaking my heart.
Do you still think about me?
I haven't seen you in years,
And the pain in my heart sears as i think about you
Do you think about me?
Do you miss me?
Or have you forgotten what we had and just moved on?
If I could see you again,
I'd run up to you and give you a hug
And tell you how much I've missed you
But I'll never see you again
And the pain in my heart will never mend
I couldn't tell you what I miss most about you
Your kiss,
Your eyes,
The way your smell drove me crazy,
The way you sang to me,
The way you said 'I Love You' and actually meant it
Or the way you held me close to your heart
If I could have one wish...just one
I wouldn't wish for fortune or luck
I'd wish for you.
Your the only one I want
And all I need is to be with you.