Goodbye Grandpa

Grandad im gonna miss you
Im sorry i didnt see you enough
I cant believe your gone now
This is going to be so tough

I miss your cheeky smile
And those sparkling eyes
I miss having chats with you
About the happenings of our lives.

I used to see you every week
But then i moved away
I couldn't see you all the time
I missed you each and every day.

But then we got a message
Saying you were ill
We came round to see you
There you sat so still

You looked so small and fragile
And i couldn't take it in
I've never seen you like that before
You've always had a grin.

But then you got taken to hospital
You were very sick, I know
We came along to visit you
and we found the cancer had grown

We talked about the family
Like we did when i lived near
Who had come in to visit you
But this brought you to tears

I didn't want to see you cry
I wanted to help you stop
So i changed the subject every time
We got through alot.

You talked about your friends abroad
Who you talked to over the net
You wanted to see them one last time
You had your mind set.

But then i had to leave you
As other people arrived
I wish i could see you again
But that was our last goodbye :'(

After the many weeks of wait,
Of the worry and the tears
Something had come true,
Our biggest and worst fear

And now i cannot see you again
But i know you still are here
Watching us and keeping us safe
We all can feel you near.

Thank you for everything
That you have done for me
I will never ever forget you
I hope you don't forget me

I Love you Grandpa Ivor <3