They say that our fingerprints never fade from the lives that we touch
but now I'm beginning to believe I never left a mark.
I'm terribly sorry
for being such a fool.
Please understand I don't mean half the things I do.
I don't ever wnat to hurt you
even if it means suffering myself.
And right now I'm suffering the consequence of becoming someone else.

Please know this isn't really me.
I'm so much more than the failure I've behaved as,
and somewhere beneath this disguise of skin lies the beating heart of a dreamer.
And all she wants is to make you proud,
but the pressures pulled her down,
and she's drowning in her pain.
Now she's trying to find herself but it's like running through a maze.
The walls are growing higher, and they swallow up her calls for help.

Please, please understand,
this isn't how I really am.
I'm begging for your help
And I know I can win this fight if you give me your hand
I promise not to give up on myself,
if you promise not to ever let me go.

Please just understand,
all I need is your help.
♠ ♠ ♠
I don't really know.
It just came to my head and I started writing stuff down.