Coiling Wires; Part One.

Underneath the weeping willow. Beyond the vine, sunk so low.
A trembling girl sat, sat as though, as though
she were to die, whilst watched her blood run dry.
drinking from the seams that tore
from the fading heart she once wore.
Sitting in the moonlight's mist
dreaming of the days she too missed.

All along the creek, so lonely
perched upon a log, so boldly
a broken boy that whimpered well
he sat, he sat in the dooms of hell.

Through the field of thorns so fine
that same girl, her heart no longer Divine.
Wire coiled through her body
unable to move the will of her body.
"Oh why must this pain be held so dear?
she trembled
"is there more to life than this fear? she trembled.