What does God do when he's angry?

What does God do when hes angry?
Does he frown like a baby?
or lose his temper, bang his fists on the table
and howl like a wolf!
Does he bottle it up inside?
safe as storage,
where it is untouchable for all curious fingers.
Or does he simply smile a sly smile,
and walk away, save his anger until
it spills out red, red as blood, red as revenge!
Does he strike a random mortal with lightning?
curse a spiteful elder with cancer,
explode a volcano
unsettle a landslide or
rock the solid ground to an earthquake.
Will he spin the earth, play it through his fingers
laughing at our stupidity!

He simply snuffs out
anger's unwanted flames of fury,
with a cloth that it is to pure and compassionate
for us to understand.