Love Shines Like A Knife; So Tempting

This is the part where my heart rips in two
Out drips the pain that your putting me through
Why does my heart beat for you, only you?

From your sweet lips slips another "I love you"
Only I wish It was more, much more with you
I want to hold your hand, and kiss your pouting lips
I want to be the one you want to spend your time with

These feelings are trapped inside my aching heart
I choke on a scream; you don't even know your tearing me apart
This love I feel for you is like a blade to my wrist
I could never have something so perfect
My hope shouldn't even exist

I don't have the courage to say my "I love you"'s go deeper
There's only one key to my heart, and your the keeper
I lay awake at night, wondering if you feel the same
I feel like I can no longer keep myself tame

This longing to tell you how much you mean to me grows,
The pain of thinking you may not feel the same shows
As the month grows colder, and the first snow falls,
I wish I could hold you in my arms, and admit it all

As much as I'd like to tell you, my lips stay shut
Risking all we have, just because of these feelings...
At least I have you, if not romantically, but one day maybe..
We'll snuggle together and kiss passionately