I'm Glad You Watched Me Die

Another sleepless night
Another pointless fight
You come home drunk
And you expect me to care

You touch me and hold me
Why wont you just let me be?
This isn’t you
And this I don't wanna do

I push you away
“Lets do this another day”
You punch and kick
And me you hit

I thought you loved me
Why are you doing this
Hitting and hurting
What happened to married bliss?

Your fist collides with my face
Setting me in my place
My head hits the wall
And to the floor I fall

“That’s it babe, this is the end”
All I hear is a gasp

“You’re leaving me”
“Not just you.”

I go to the drawer
And take out the gun
This is how I always wanted it done

I held your hand
And put it to my head
“This is for you babe”
I whisper as I hit the bed

I leave my body and watch you cry
I’m glad you watched me die
My revenge for all you did
All the times I ran and hid

All the times you hit me and made me bleed
All the times you neglected my needs
All the times you came running back
Well now all I see is black.