Your Lips

I lie here beneath your lips
And watch the stars fall all around us,
Sputtering and spinning,
Stuttering and spinning,
Muttering and fluttering and spinning
Around and around as you come in close.

The lights flicker on your eyes as they shine brightly into mine,
As we “forget” to check the time
Because neither of us wants me to leave.
And your lips say the words
That have been been spinning in your head,
Like those stars spinning in the room,
Like our bodies spinning in the bed,
Like the leaves that spin when they fall to the ground,
And finally, the words are said,
Those declarations of trust,
Those secrets,
Those little things we thought we’d never tell,
But you tell them to me.

And I like it. I like the trust
And the feeling of being here,
Beneath your lips
Which kiss, which talk,
Which smile and laugh,
And make me smile and laugh,
Which say the right words,
More right than mine,
More right than anyone else has thought to say,
And I can’t help but think
That this is how love feels.
♠ ♠ ♠
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