My Heart

The harsh reality has finally set in.
The ground shakes as I feel my heart break.
Never have I knew a pain so devastating and confusing.
In my heart I treasure your beautiful eyes.
In my heart I regret that one big lie.
Never in my life did I know love could be so strong.
I guess this is my karma for everything I did wrong.
But I have to wonder is this truly love?
Is this the joyful emotion that my Lord has sent from above?
In my heart I know the truth.
So I spend my days and nights thinking of you.
How no matter what, you always came through.
On a rainy day you were my sunshine.
But in my heart I have to wonder how I was so blind.
Never a moment that you showed you didnt care.
It was me that was too selfish to give my love, and share.
Now how we come to a closing.
The end is here!
Save yourself!
I show no fear.
I know its my turn to die.
But still...
In my heart I wish I never told that lie.
♠ ♠ ♠
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