Limerick #8

When you first think of Christmas time,
What things jump into your mind?
Gold, green, and red?
Or finding your sled?
Does shopping put you in a bind?

Or maybe it’s things you might get
From family and people you’ve met.
An iPod or phone,
A sparkling stone,
(You’d love to have a private jet.)

Before you start listing the stuff,
I’ll tell you that that’s quite enough.
Instead of this hurry,
This rush and this worry,
Try getting away from this fluff.

There happen to be people who
Are not quite as lucky as you.
They can’t make ends meet
And have nothing to eat;
When cold, there’s not much they can do.

You don’t need to give up a lot.
They could use some meals that are hot.
A book or a toy
Would bring their kids joy
Instead of the usual rot.

So help other people this year
As Christmas begins to draw near.
Just one act this rare
Will show them you care.
Give this family’s Christmas some cheer.
I wrote this for a friend of mine. It's actually important. O.o