Coming of Death

On days when my strength is abandoning me,
The dark is my keeper, no light shall I see.
My ways are paved, against my will.
As demons beckon, their voices shrill.

There is no joy, only stints of pain.
Death will keep watch, 'till I'm slaughtered and slain .
So I try to take comfort, in moments rare,
When I defy Death and his fatal stare.

His bone hands grasp at dreaded life,
His desire is strong for this unholy strife.
But that is his way, and with the heart of a thief,
He tries to steal mine, though stunted and brief.

I try to resist, but the time draws near,
For me to greet Death, get over my fear.
So I steady my gait, though I tremble inside,
And open Death's door, to enter with pride.

His black eyes glisten with dangerous greed,
As I lay my existance down at his feet.
But not to be humble, for I do not revere,
Death of Life, or his merciless leer.