When your world is crashing down on you

When your world is crashing down on you..

Is there anything to prevent it? Is there anyone who can stop it? Make it go away? Most of the time there are solutions to the problems you have to face day by day but what if you run out of solutions? What if you are standing in a dead alley with nowhere to go?

Then it is time to realise that the end has come. You are standing with your back to the wall and you can clearly see that your world is going to end. It feels like the wind is playing its last song, making it easier for you to go, making it less painful but in the end you have to face it all alone, all by yourself. No one in the world can take the burden from you; nobody can share it with you because it is your burden.

The darkness is preparing to get you. It is haunting you like the death is haunting a lost soul. You can’t run, you can’t escape; it is getting you in any way but still, you try to run away. With every more step you do, it is getting faster, reaching out its hand to catch you. It makes sure you are going to fall and fail. You have constantly the feeling that misfortune is on your heels. Everything you touch breaks apart. Everyone you love drifts apart. Everything you do is wrong.

Nothing can live up to the expectations of you and even if you try, you are going to fail in the end. You are feeling like pushed into a corner without a chance to escape. You can’t cope
with anything anymore and all you want to do is scream from the top of your lungs to make this feeling go away

A long time ago you were a nice, self-confident person without any big troubles and aims you looked forward to achieve.
Now the aims are gone and you can’t concentrate anymore. Nothing seems to matter because in the end you are going to fail again. Your mind is a mess and you can’t sort out your thoughts anymore. Y

ou start to panic because there is no way out. Running away isn’t a solution anymore: It has got you. You are there: at the end of your world. You never thought it would ever get you and drags you to the edge you are now standing. You thought you have time, time to make it all better and turn it around so you kept on trying and trying, hiding the truth without facing the reality: You can never escape.

Your happiness is fading away and all you do is to put up fake smiles, everyone telling another lie, hiding another fear. Your mind is racing and all you can think of are the things that went wrong and the things you aren’t capable of fixing. Your eyes fill with tears but you are hiding them. No one ever needs to see you cry because you don’t want them to see your real ‘you’. A lot of questions would be asked, question you don’t have any answers on and questions you have tried to push to the back of your mind for the rest of your life.

And now that your days are ending you still haven’t found any solutions. All what is left are even more worries and doubts that make you restless. You didn’t expect your life to turn out like this: fucked up, confusing and filled with situations you know you can’t go through or fix them. You know it because it has happened before. You are close at the edge of falling back to a habit you better get out of your mind. So you count down your left days, hours and minutes, waiting for it to come and get you.

And when the darkness, the emptiness and the sorrows are surrounding you, you know the time has come: the day when you are fading away and with you all the sorrows and fears.

Death is flashing you his last smirk before you follow him on his dark and never ending path. You are looking back at the world you have left, not without regrets and feeling guilty but you know now: this is the end und you are free.

You start to walk down the path, next to the death and you know that you just gave up on everything but still: you can flash a real smile, a smile that’s not a fake one because you know your sorrows are over.

...My confusing thoughts and feelings I have to live with. Maybe your world is not crashing down yet but the world will end, you just donno when.