-Come on let me hold you touch you feel you
Kiss you taste you all night

-So answer me this;;
was everything I ever meant to you
t h a t f o r g e t t a b l e ?

-With a simple glance,
He makes my heart race.
One little word
Takes the frown off my face.

-You’ve given me reasons to smile
good times to laugh about but most
of all you’ve given me memories
I could never forget x3

-Fine. I admit.
You're the guy I can't stop thinking about.
The guy who makes me wanna scream,
the guy who can make my day in a million ways

-It's hard to be just friends with you.
When we're both in love but only one
of us is willing to tell eachother how
we truthfully feel.

-Remember I will be there
when your life goes hectic & wrong
I'm always here to help you
I've been here all along..

-It's amazing how one
day someone walks
into your life & then
you can't remember
how you ever lived
without them...

-he isnt my boyfriend, but i love
his hugs, his smile, his advice,
his love, his kindness and & the
times we spend together. i guess
i fell in love with our friendship

-and i want him to feel like
he can't be without me <3
♠ ♠ ♠
Just a bunch of little quotes that i like <3