The Sun Will Show Up

The road was long and lonely,
Snow blanketing the streets.
I turn around the corner,
and it is him who I meet.
He is in somewhere else; in a different world,
A land so far away.
When I try to visit this land,
I never seem to stay.
His companions are nice, sure,
beauty befalls the one I love,
but sometimes I have to wonder,
if he is worthy to be my beloved.
And when the day comes when he says,
"I love you, and I always have,"
I will answer back, in a loud and crisp voice:
"I don't mind; I'm not mad!"
When he leans over to kiss me,
I'll kiss back,and the sun will show up,
melt all the snow,without lack.
When we break the kiss,
he strokes my hair,
he tries to kiss one more time.
I laugh, pull away, and say,
"Please stop, it's schooltime!"
He'll stop because he loves me,
shyly holds my hand.
When we walk, out in the fresh warmth,
I noticed that I was finally welcomed in his land.