Sadness' *** Victim

An emotion that is so unpredictable.
It can strike at anytime,
In any place.
It can be so strong,
Attacking anyone in its path,
Spreading all its evil doings.
We try to get away from this murderer,
But it seems to know our every move,
How to bring us down.
Will I survive?
Or will I be its next victim?
As seconds fade away,
I wait for its arrival.
For once, everything seems alright,
Happiness grows in my mind.
But as soon as I let my gaurd down,
It hits me.
More powerful than a gun shot,
A bomb,
Or a knife being pierced through your heart.
It charges at my soul,
Making my life a living hell.
I don't know what to do,
I can't get this killer of my back.
I sit alone in my bedroom,
Crying tears of pain.
For it's my thearopy, my weakness,
And my only way to find freedom,
From this insane feeling,
Who is always lerking.