Limerick #10

"my boyfriend left me omg"
"im gonna go cut don't u see?"
"life's meaning is gone"
"my heart still bleeds on"
Someone nearby, please shoot me.

You say not to call you depressed.
But reading these, who would've guessed?
Not me; that's for sure.
I think there's no cure
For emos; I can't say to rest.

Sit back and think for a while.
Is there a reason for your style?
Is one sad event
Enough to prevent
Your brain from allowing a smile?

If that's true, then all hope is lost.
And in the real world, you'll be tossed.
So cut in the corner
And cry; be a mourner
Of your life that's layered with frost.

I'm guessing this isn't for you.
You'll be fine in a day or two.
If you can be tougher,
Please don't make us suffer
By writing this flat, cliché goo.

Or if you decide overnight
That killing yourself is just right,
Then fine, go ahead.
You're better off dead.
At least no more poems you'll write!