Dear Cupid,

Dear Cupid~
You're around today
Do you not see me?
I know you have others to help
But would it kill you
To help someone
That lives their life
Wondering why
They don’t have someone
Someone that cries every night
Someone that can't even
Watch romance with being envious
Someone that believes
Everyone lied
When they told her
You're perfect, pretty and wonderful.
Someone that thinks
She not worth enough
To have someone to hold her tight
Someone that happy on the outside
Yet she getting eaten alive
By her own emotions
Someone who has almost everything
She was told
You're pretty smart funny
But if she all this things
Where is her someone
That will love her through everything
That will cheer her up when she sad
That will never try to hurt her
That will understand everything
That will be prefect.
So cupid…..
I have a score to settle with you
Since you've pasted me by
So many times
That my heart is breaking
My self pride's gone
I want you dead
To settle the score.
~ A girl who want revenge