my poker face

i played connect the dots with your beauty marks and made picture perfect sheet music..i read your voices musical notes with the composers eyes and heard my song for the first time... my spine is still tingling... mental images of your fine tune is what ive been nodding my head to lately and every now and then i find the distance in my seldom plucked heart strings, shit has been stripped, against my full length.. perform your reflection, BACKWARDS maybe then u will understand the rythum in my movement, listen when the news is sent, its then when the rules are bent, ill hum the nudity of my wisdom underneath my heavy breathe, i heavily suggest you resurrect your ancient dust collector if you expect more then what is given.. this is hopeless... hoplessness holding this note to blow a kiss but dont get pissed and throw a fist at this vocalist, im not emotionless in fact i broke my wrist when i wrote the list of all those i missed... THIS! is my poker face!! ..