Save Me

Help me escape this lonely castle, I don't think I can get out.

Of all the people yelling our name, I'm still lost in the crowd.

Yeah, ( yeah!!)

( Loud guitar and drum and loud vocals)
Where are you? I need you here by my side. Who are you?? Are you here to watch me die?

If you listen, you can hear my heart finally stop....


(softer) But this is not over....

(soft, slow and mellow beat)

Are you here to help me come out of my shell?

I locked myself in and can't find the key...

Please tell me there's some way in hell....

To set me free.... YEAH!!

(Loud again...)

Where are you? I think I finally found you now.

Who are you? Are you suppost to save me from falling down?

If you listen you can hear the marching feet of the dead....

(Soft, music low, only blurry slow music in the background, vocals louder then all music)

But it's not over.....I told you it's not over, and I mean it's not over....So listen...

( Loud)
HEART BEAT!! Lost in it's own tune! Save me! From the rough roads I will yet fall to! This is not a question, but an answer! If I was to fall down.....

( soft, piano only) Would we be together? Oh, would it be forever? Can we be together?


Would we be forever? If we were together??


Save me!

Save me from this long road...

( Music starts up loud again)
Save me!

When my blood runs cold!

Save me!

I'm too young to die...So please...

Save me!

Can this be??

Save me!! Save me from the lost arms, of our sisters!! Save me! Fraom the---light!! This is not a question! But simply an answer!! If I was to fall down...( music stops)

Would we be together??

*back ground singers sing FOREVER??*
♠ ♠ ♠
This song is a song I wrote on 2/27/07, in my study hall at school, I decided since I had nothing to do, that I would write some lyrics which I haven't in a while, so, here it is.