My body slowly losing it.
Spinning rooms, the ire lingered smell.
The numbness,
And laughs over my lack of control.

Let's shoot up.
My mind like a robot,
Broken, stuck on one thing.
Replaying, reminding.
Take one hit.

When you left me,
I lost everything.
When you stayed,
I lost even more.
Now that time has passed,
I've gained some back.
But it will never be the same.

The friends I gained, I imagined to be real.
They were nothing just figments of my imagination.
Nothing but facades.
They didn't exist.
It was the numbness and carefree feeling it brought.
That's all that was there.

I was a soul less person.
Drowning in my own self hate and misery.
But shoot up, shoot up
And the feeling goes away.
Shoot up, shoot up
So does my life.