Teach Me

I can't believe how much I trusted you
Or how much it hurts
You healed my broken heart only to break it again
We built a family together
You built a lie
I thought you were my everything,
but you were a thief
Stealing me away from who I belonged too
I didn't know your game
Until it was too late.
Now my heart is torn.
I am so confused
I am so lost
I hear the one who I'm suppose to be with calling my name
But I can't get over your betrayal
How it hurts
What did I do to deserve this?
I loved you...
But how can I ever love you again?
When all I can see,
everywhere I look,
Is your betrayal
All my effort is going into not hating you
I can't think of us anymore
And all I can feel is me breaking
You built my faith, my trust, taught me to love again,
All just so you could bring me up to bring me down
I had so much, faith, so much trust, so much love,
I ran to you when my world was too much,
And now its all shattered and I'm left empty...
I am so hurt
Words can't describe my pain
I remember when... I had such a hard time trusting you, but I did
What a fool...
Now that you've torn me and my world world apart
Are you happy?
Was this your goal?
To hurt me so deeply?
To teach me love again only to teach me betrayal again?
♠ ♠ ♠
Words can't describe my pain