Darkness shatters the light.
Consuming every last thing
Leaving behind only suffering
Run, but
Darkness will consume
Every emotion and
Make them real,
Fear, anger, hatred
That’s darkness
Mind shattering
As it grips
Its victims
Who will never,
See the light
Come darkness
Claim your prize
For all who’ll take
Be the killing poison
Feel hatred towards
All light
Let evilness in and
Take control
Clouded minds,
Blinded eyes,
To the light,
Escape impossible
Feel how light is drowned
How truth is hidden
Watch a dark black hand
Struggle millions
Of squirming souls
In one abdicating grip
Seeing rising gates of fire
Leading into nothing
But blackness
Step in
Let consumption
Go over every inch,
Every fiber
Burning inside and out
Scream for misery,
Scream from eternal
Burning flames
On a black throne
Corrupted with a crown
Of innocent blood
Sits the master
Who promised so much
So why do you burn?
He promised life,
But gave death
With forever forsaken love
Call on him
He answered that call
Supplied every cry and want
Served him so loyally
What a fool
Now reap your reward
Fell into his trap
Darkness eternally
Drowns out the light
Who called first
This master’s voice
So hollow,
So cruel
Just hearing an echo
Rips every mind and soul
How dose it feel,
To be in deception’s master’s grip?
Feeling a million soul’s deepest cry?
All at once
Being torn and tugged
In vice cold grips
Screaming but hearing silence
Remembering no beauty
Seeing nothing but this
Beloved darkness
That was worshiped
With such devotion
Such loyalty
Your payment is glories
How about that
Echoing lingering laughter
At this torture
Cry, beg, bleed, hurt, and burn
This is your reward
For cruelty
And each heart that
Was shattered
Like a delicate porcelain
Now crack in flames
Break drip by drop
Off the bones
Melts flesh
An addle smell
For every molecule
All this neatly wrapped
In a present
Taken by a fool
Oh unconceivable enjoyment
For a fraction of time
Than the torture began
Storm after storm raged
Conviction lost
Prayed and sought so humbly
Yet no deliverance
He forsake you
Joining in his torture
Now that you pay
Entirety in darkness and flames
It’ll take an on ray
Of time
For a lifetime
Worth of worship
To the one
Who thought
He could be God
So now you both
Suffer Lucifer’s payment
♠ ♠ ♠
I worte this poem when my brother asked me write about darkness. I worte it picturing hell. So this is my image of what hell looks like.