Same Old Story

Pushing me
Into the ground
Time after time
Every time I
Start to believe
I’m shoved down again
I start to rise above
Only to fall
Yet, still standing strong
Taking more and more
Until there’s nothing left
Turned my back
From desecration
Still it stays
Sick of defeat
Of cunning deceit
Leave me be
Gap you’ve torn
Failing in standing
Take my love
Leaving hate
Leave me alone
Give me nothing
Take everything
Yelling in vain
Reaching out
Getting nothing
Destroyed and destroyed
Tears gone
Meaning of life gone
Numbness in my blood
Escape, run, be gone
Weakened as I am
Tear me away
From myself
I can get up
This time
Soon that will end
Keep fighting
One more time
One more time
Always one more time
No escape into me
Ready to die
Always trying to change me
Passing judgment
Only wasting more time
Spirit weary
Forsaken rest
Fighting from utter failure
Losing one part at a time
Give it all back
There’s no right direction
Only a binding circle
Wounded broken heart
Yet no mercy is found
Or compassion
Spiraling downwards
Towards my own erase
Death an easier weight
Keep holding on
Staying strong
Maybe I’ll fall
For the last time
Despite this struggle