Carry On

Voice against
Per-set life
Turn every mind away
From a possibility
Of peace
Accept violence
Will always live
Turn away
Don’t look or think
Of what could have been
Stick to yourself
Take off our masks
Reveal what’s inside
Show what we’re standing for
Deny corruption
Always stand alone
There’s no way to fall
Listen for everyone
Has something to say
Follow and lead
Do both
Not just one
Look through opened eyes
Learn to live
Preach death
Bring life
Follow not lies
Seek out our own truth
Believe in incapability
Never underestimate
Always do more
Reach out below
Help someone else up
Even if falling
Get up start over
Stay in belief
Run faster
Push harder
Keep going
For a final stretch
Go on and on
Demise circles all around
Hold tight for everything
Though all is gone
Move along
Just as strong
Lose not one new step
Embrace all
Search not out of stupidity
Gasp for breath
Fight for each step
Brace for failure
Confide in winning
Learn what it takes
Just for life
Understand this path
Rise above all
Past, present, and future
Let go hindrance
Drag us not down
Follow a new road
Instruct in wisdom
Have mercy for sinners
Rest in God
Love Lucifer
Survive uncertainty
Conquer self
Carry on