Desolate Home

In an alone world
Silent and dark
Sitting and waiting
For the unknown
Desolate place
Here is temporary home
Numbed in darkness
Lonesome is all
That is know
Listening for a tick
Of a clock
Stillness unbreakable
This is the want
The deep hunger craved
Full so full
Almost to a point of bursting
Wanting companionship
Though the fear is too great
Left in translation
Living in a forgotten wilderness
Distant from everyone and everything
Bearing this soul
Only to God
This is the enjoyment
It’s always that way
Living, but unsure
About life
Unwilling to lose this comfort
Desolate place
Ready for whatever comes
Ghost to everyone
Solid here
Whispering existence
For the faintest ears
Wondering when
That faint whisper
Will reach ears
This fortress’
Only downfall is me
the creator and destroyer
Of this sub-come world
Where all that is right is held
Safe from all hands
Of corruption
Even mine,
A forsaken place
That is mine and the distant
Home that I will always know