I'm not Because I know I'm not

I'm not sad because you said you loved me.
I'm not sad because you said you missed me.
I'm sad because I know if it wasn't for her,
They wouldn't have to be in past tense.

I'm not crying because it's over.
I'm not crying because you're leaving.
I'm crying because it didn't have to be this way.
But, when you said hello to her, it was fate.

I'm not mad because you're a liar.
I'm not mad because you cheated.
I'm mad because you lied while cheating on me,
With the only girl I trusted enough to introduce you to.

I'm not heartbroken because you're gone.
I'm not heartbroken because of the actions you took.
I'm heartbroken because you're gone because of my best friend,
And the actions you took with her.

I'm not in love with you because of your personality.
I'm not in love with you because of how you treated me.
I'm in love with you because you stood around long enough,
To let me break down my walls.

No one else has.

I've realized lately.
I'm not sad at all.
I'm not mad at all.
I don't cry at all.
I'm not even heartbroken.

I'm just disappointed,
That you would stoop so low,
That someone I was so close to,
Could just walk away with so much left unsaid.

I'm disappointed,
Because I never thought that'd be you.