Words Can hurt Me

Cuts and bruises can leave their scars
But the injuries to the heart are more bizarre
They can not be healed by simple words
And anyway those words won’t be heard
If the person is not ready to let go of the past
Even though they know, it could not have last
An apology not meant... should never be said

Humans are easily hurt, and are easily used
We set ourselves up just to be abused
And yet we come back, begging for more
Now answer me, my friend, and I implore
Why is it wrong to say I hate you, don’t deny,
When empty "I love you"s are said all the time?

Say what you will, and maybe already you do
But when holding one’s heart, never pursue
A Love that can’t, and most likely won’t, make it
Because words are stronger than we’ll ever admit
The ones you love the most, can hurt you the worst

A gun to the heart, to end all the pain
A bottle of pills, to take away the shame
A little less to eat, to gain some control
A small glass of whiskey, to help let go

How easy it is, to forget what we’ve learned
How easy it is, to forget what has occurred
How hard it is, to forget what used to be

“Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words can never hurt me”

Is a LIE