Yoshi vs. Toad

I get in my go-kart,
hit A to accelerate as
my grey spheres
push the pavement, I go
forward, always

Dad, we only speak
in clicks of buttons and
you may not think young eyes
can calculate each tree-lined turn
but my car pulls
itself ahead of yours.

Final lap, the
music moves like my mind
does, jumping from note
to note as cars close
in on us. They're no threat
though, you make me fearless.

My thumb pushes the buttons
harder, my car goes
faster, my heart beats
louder, the finish
line, in all its pixelated glory,
greets me beaming.
You lose, dad, you
♠ ♠ ♠
I wrote this about playing MarioKart64 with my dad when I was younger. It might seem silly but it's a really close memory to me. I wrote it for my creative writing class and I just thought I'd post it. Thanks for reading it :)