Belladonna means,
beautiful lady.
If I were a flower I'd want to be just like her.
I'd want to bloom in full force.
Belladonna means,
naked lady.
Just like a belladonna, I have the power.
If I truly want I can be every man's desire.
She's gorgeous, I smile at her because I want to be her.
She's also poisonous.
Her venom is lethal, she's a drug.
No matter the flaws, I still have the power.
To be like belladonna.
Open your eyes.
Whisper to me, let your true sight be seen.
Your not like everyone else.
Prayer to my father.
But can I help that I'm a tiny bit like belladonna?
Poisonous seeds take over my sight.
Doesn't matter, blind or not.
I'm the reason these men fight.
She's dark and gloomy, but I'm like light.
Fuse your lineage with mine.
Miss belladonna.
I'm not afraid of your wicked powers.