Sweetest Sin

What is this I'm feeling?
It is love, happiness, or addiction?
No, I think not.
Maybe it's hate, dread, or affliction?

I can't decide,
what I want to feel.
Just know I'm hot,
I need his body to seal the deal.

I take pleasure in the constant pain I feel.
The lightning bolts and thunder sounding through my ears,
crimson stains, the only sign that this is real.

Crys and moans of ecstasy leave my barely parted lips.
Sweat glistens my forehead as I sway and rock my hips.
Counting high the limitations are low.
Organs and bursts of adrenaline start to grow.

Nearly numb with anticipation, you try to mimic my every move.
In my mind, the music plays, I'm dancing to this sexy groove.
Almost to an end now, please don't stop.
I can tell that he's loving the way my ... pop.

Finally, over the edge we go.
I can tell he liked that my game was very thorough.
Again tomorrow, he whispers, grabbing my chin.
Now you can't tell me that this isn't the sweetest sin.