Drink Me

You say you care.
I've heard it all before.
You say you love me.
Please, now's not the time to change your mind.

I wanted you once before.
To be my everything, you practically had to do nothing at all.
Just be there.
That wasn't so hard.

You were there for her, her, and her.
But never for me!
Those girls.
I'll never understand what they see.

My sight is in full blinding power.
I see that your selfish.
Drink me in...
I see that your obnoxious.
Let me be your every sin...
I see that your foolish.

Let me drink your blood...
You don't care.
I'll open my mouth as the scarlet starts to flood...
You were never here.
Let me drink your life away...
All those times I would cry.
It will make your day...
Til one day I realized all you do is lie.

I wish you were dead
Let me dri-wait you don't mean that!
It's over, your out of my life.
This is all a wicked lie!
No, it's not.
I just wish you would die.