My Loathful Good Byes

He wips me relentlessly, not letting me breathe,
My shoulders are aching and starting to heave,
l work everyday and I work through the night,
As he watches me closely, giving me fright.

If any sleep reaches my my eyes,
lt won't be enough,
'Cause i'd be woken again with a force oh-so rough.
His hands; like iron, his heart; like stone,
Why won't this horrible man leave me alone?

l work without pay,
Day in, day out,
And all he can do is push me about !

'Tis this I pray,
Let me go! Let me go! I loathe this place!
He treats me with hate, that you cannot trace.

l cry till this day in wonder and in hate,
Why l never told all my friends,
About my disturbing fate.

They would laugh in my face and call me a lier,
Even as though he would never retire,
From his only job of making my life hell,
I am only his slave for him to sell.

My mother does nothing,
Of course but oh well,
As long as I do my work and never rebel

If she had the choice she'd sell me too,
But who would do the chores she loathed to?

Not my perfect brother.
Oh heavens no!
The young prince is not to lift a finger!
Or he'll damage his royal figure!

Bah! I say!
Damn you three to hell!
l'm sick of being your slave who responds to a bell.

l tire of the sneers and all the jokes,
l tire of you three hateful folks!
l leave you all to your lowly lives
l leave you all to be eaten by flies

l join the murder, I join the darkness
To escape this life long hell
Wait! No! Not to escape!
But to seek my bitter revenge,
On the man, woman, and child who have made me cry
Bloody tears again, and again!

And to this day I weep for the memories,
All the harsh memories.
Of pain and sorrow and murderous lies,
Now I must say my loathful good-byes