Don't Want to Fight Anymore

I try to fight the sadness
I try to fight the fear
But I always seem to lose
It shows through every tear

There is still time
Yes, this I know
My mind says it again
But yet I still feel so low

Why can’t time slow down?
Or even come to a stop?
I feel so far behind him
Please let me catch up

I can’t let him disappear
I’m afraid he’ll leave
Scared he’ll never come back
Scared he’ll let me go

I wish I didn’t over think
I wish I wasn’t writing through tears
I wish there was something I could do
To ease what I call my fears

It’s too early to hurt
I wish I didn’t feel fear
I wish I didn’t want to cry
We still have just under a year

With all this time yet
I don’t want to fight
Not anymore
Just let it be bright
♠ ♠ ♠
Basically this was written because of my boyfriend being a senior and me being a junior. My fear of losing him because of college and the urge to cry thinking about it all the time