Felix & Joienne

“But where are you taking me?” he asked curiously, a little scared.

“Not far, just keep up with me and don’t get lost!” she said.

They walked deeper and deeper into the forest , Joienne running, Felix following.

And the forest was dark, and the forest was light .

The forest was white and the forest was black.

The forest was alive, or maybe dead?
“Where” he asked “Where”
“Silent… Stay silent..” she said.

Joienne’s hair flowed behind her like a silver wave , her eyes bright violet, gazing around,

The expression on her face, like she recognized something new every moment she looked.

Her white dress; crystalline, dancing around her pale body as she runs…

As she runs.. and runs..

“Slow down” he says, “I am only human”
“Only human”

“No time, she says, no time”

They jump over rivers, run through bushes…

“You will be one of my kind, so i can love you, the way I want to, so you can love me for ever,

The way You desire.”

Joienne listens, the Forest says “No!” , Joienne listens, the creatures say “No!” , she listens..
The souls warn her, “You will damage his soul! No!”.
Joienne stops.

It’s night now, the sun left the forest, the sun left the earth.

The mooné is here now, the night has arrived..

“Why did we stopped? Where are we going?” asks Felix again, full with fear now

The forest is dangerous, the Forest has two souls ; one belongs to the night, the other to the day.
Felix is son of the day. He is only human.
Joienne is daughter of the night. She is anything but human.

Joienne takes his hand, eyes filled with tears.

Takes him to a tree. Whispers words ;
“Let him dream here, let him stay here, let my angel wait here under your protection.”

The tree opens it’s arms, the holy branches of the soul of the trees…

“Sleep now, close your eyes, and I will be back, now, sleep,
I will be back before you open your eyes,
Before your dreams leave you and the protection is dead.

Sleep now, as this river flows under the Tree’s branches, silent and innocent.

Listen to the lullaby of the fishes, of the golden fishes, the lullaby of the Water.”

Felix lies down on the branch and listens to the lullaby, starting to dream .

“Stay innocent, stay protected, never let your human eyes look around before the dawn arrives

Because your human eyes see what they mustn’t.

Alas, I have to go… “

Joienne leaves a kiss for him, a cursed kiss, a silent kiss, on his ice cold lips.

Felix sleeps and Joienne leaves.

She runs , flies almost! She gets lost in the darkness, no human eyes can see her now.
A silver sparkle left behind and a kiss.

The night passes, the dawn comes…

Felix is still asleep, now that the Tree is all around him, now that he is The Tree.

Now that Joienne is Gone. Now that Joienne isn’t back.

Felix is no longer human, Felix is no longer There.

He belongs to the Tree now, he is the Tree now, he belongs to the forest now.
Felix is no longer There.
And Joienne is Gone.

With the leaves coming out from his body,

With the moss covering his hands and slowly his beautiful face..
No dawn can save her angel now. No dawn can take Felix back.
Untill, Joienne is back, until she returns from the cage of the night.
♠ ♠ ♠
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