Stay Out Of Trouble

The thrill I get
Seeing your blood on the pavement
Drives me insane
A mania that fuels the adrenaline
Rushing through our veins
And past our hearts
Twisting that knife in your back
Drowning in the wine that consumes us both
I feel what I need to feel
Every time

A modern day Bonny and Clyde
Without all the tassels
Begone with the strings that kept us together
And held us back
Watching each other be ripped apart
Knowing we each had a role
In the performance of our demise

Until death do us part
Only a fragment of the unwanted devotion
Beyond death, beyond life
Farther than this world
Farther than the next
Bound by poisoning chains
And deadly emotions

Holding this barrel to your head
Biting my lip, crossing my fingers
I pull the trigger and still miss
A fatal backfire in this game
We like to call existence
Nothing more than a failed experiment
Let’s play something else

Still here, still wondering
When it will end, when will it end
This little trivial thing
Most like to call life
Only this, and nothing more
Only this, and nothing more
Just like your rat of a soul

Slowly now, maybe this is it
Your scalps stapled to your skull
My neck is hanging on by a thread
Slowly now maybe this is it
I can just feel it now
The redemption (as if)
The freedom (guess again)
The end…

…Now you have it right.