A breathless kiss
Of held in romance
The soft touch
As our cheeks brushed
I can't open my eyes
I feel so light
No crave could bring me here
I was careless
Like a gentle breeze
Until I tried to gasp for air
I'm falling ever so quickly
And confusion is seeping in
That's when I realized
Gravity took over me again.
It's cold and wretched
The outside world
It's painful to live in it
To watch you
Make the same decisions
Over and over
Didn't you know?

You left me here
In the barren world
Like everyone else
This pain
Is added to my antipathy
For this hellhole.
Your personality
Is a disease
I caught your infection
Of affection
Only to have it waver off
And leave me mentally damaged
If I could
I would help you understand
I'd help you want to change
Fix you of this cowardice!
But that was your choice
It was your chance
I can cry in pain of losing you
Though only for so long
Until it transforms into undying hate
No redemption
For those who've already been redempted.
I can't see myself
Giving third chances
When all I do is end up back at square one.