Chaos in Ruins

My phone went off last night,
The final moment to say goodbye.
"I love you" was muttered,
Under each of our breath's.

To hide from her,
What I know she suspects.
The reason she's making us
Bolt the door to each other's lives shut.

Over a year to build us up.
Yet ever so easily shattered,
With one seemingly simple night.

It's a catastrophe,
It's time to forget all the memories.
Loosen the grip of my scattered thoughts of you.

I can't live my life this way,
Holding onto something that'll never mean to you
What it has done so drastically for me.

I relive every moment spent with you,
And grasp so terribly onto your words.
Why did you let her tear us down?

You say you wonder what we could've been,
If you didn't make that mistake.
You say you think about me everyday.

And all I've got to say now is let's let go,
Of this torn down destroyed city.
And move the fuck on already.

Let's leave this chaos in ruins,
This broken down town.
But I'll never forget what brought me to this conclusion.
That was you.
And that one seemingly simple night,
That shattered us.
♠ ♠ ♠
Dear Nicholas Emrey,
I love you but it's time to leave you with Theresa.
It's time to move on. But I'll never forget the life we led together.

It ruined me.