Empty hallways

Deep inside my heart i know,
That these friends i have are just for show,
Redeeming qualities i fear i have none,
Pacing, racing the fear trickles like acid in my soul,

Were we not friends last time i saw you,
Did we not touch and laugh,
Looking in your eyes now,
There is no recedence of the person i once knew.

You are hollow,
Empty of your essence which i once loved so dearly,
Or maybe it is i who changed,
Trapped in my own world,
i did not think about how you felt

Now there is nothing left of what we once had,
Im broken and you are sobbing,
Simple words,
I whisper, 'Im sorry.'

Nothing can erase what i did to you,
Nothing can change what happened that day,

But whenever, i see you pass me in the halls,
My heart still pulsates within my chest,
My body still longs for your touch,
But nothing can make you see me again,
You are gone,
and im nothing to you anymore.