The dark night sky.
The prying creatures.
The silent sighs.
From the misused features.

The abused ones.
Leaving in fear.
They had no fun.
They have all tears.

The empty bins.
Alleyways dark.
She kicks a tin.
Towards a park.

The dark iron gate.
Giving her a fright
She knows she's late.
She needs some light.

She finds a tree.
She sits on down.
She looks but can't see.
His face, his frown.

His look of concern.
For this crying beauty.
Changes, as he sees the burn.
It becomes his duty.

He saves this girl.
From a life of hurt.
Her minds a whirl.
Her life was dirt.

She lives by day.
And sleeps by night.
She tries to say.
She'll be alright.