september rain.

please to believe me
in the way that i saw you
dancing under that cherry tree
and a kiss from me to you
under the September snow
(stolen by the mistletoe).

i wanted to fall there
but instead i just tripped
and i tasted the frozen dirt
trapped underneath the ice
but you held out your hand
and i took it and we stood there
hand in hand under the crescent moon
to fall in love again.

but not with you.
we’re too far gone for that.

please to not trap me and just hold me here
but know that i’m free to go at anytime
because i’m not your prisoner
just your lover and we don’t like to dance with
because it’s an ugly disease
that only cripples as it blinds.

i’d like to find you and fall in love sometime
but i think we’ve agreed we’re not in that place
and it’s just a passing fancy
just a schoolgirl crush.

please to believe me when i say i love you
but that we can’t fall in love
because we care for each other too deeply
to toss those words around like careless children
on the playground back in seventh grade
when we were too old for recess
but too young not to play.

when did we grow up and when did we grow old?
remember it now the way we danced when we thought
that no one was looking.
under the street lights in early may
when the night was still chilly enough for a jacket
and we both wore black with the hoods pulled up
and trying to pretend we were both harder than we were
because we’re just two girls holding hands and dancing
and when we go up we come back down
but we’re together and that’s the only way to come down
from the stinging smoke of what we’re flying on.

and what we’re flying from is another story
that i’d like to tell you some day
when we’re not singing songs
or dancing in the rain.

so please to believe me because i’m almost done
and i’ll run away with you to where the sun never sets
unless WE want it to
because we’re magic and wunderkind and kindred spirits
and you can be max and i can be alice
and just to dance in September snow
is enough of love
and all that we need.