Heavy Heart

I'm staring at the ceiling
My heart's not healing
It's in your hands
Waiting for the right chance

To tell you I love you
To tell you I miss you
To hug you tightly
To kiss you deeply

I reminisce about how it used to be
Seems like it was just yesterday
When our love blossomed in every way
And it was just you and me

Your touch, your kiss
I miss it all so much
You're not here
I miss you, dear

You turned a cynic into a dreamer
A skeptic into a believer
You made a girl like me
Fall in love so easily

I'm under your spell
I can't say no to you
I go through hell
Happily for you

I refuse to give up
What you've awaken in me
You've got me shaken up
I can't live without you

I'll always be here for you
Whether you like it or not
My love for you is as delicate as a feather
Yet ongoing like a pier

I dream of you every night
In this dream, I scream of fright
I'm losing you... This can't be...
This can't be my reality...

I'll stand by you
Through thick and thin
Give me your hand
I'll stick with you
Friend or lover
Until the end

You and me
Are meant to be
I trust you
And I believe in us

No matter what you say
No matter that you do
No matter how many games you play
No matter what you put me through

I love you....

Not even you
Will change that
You're my everything
My one true love
My other half

Forever and ever
Until the end of time
You'll be mine
And I'll be yours
♠ ♠ ♠
I wrote this last night at 3:00 in the morning.