Awake, I lie in constant ache
Thoroughly, effectively, you have ruined me.
I imagined we would be a piece of cake;
Now I'm tortured by what we'll never be.

Me in your arms was utter perfection.
Wrapped in your embrace, I sensed a direction
Of where we would go and how we would feel
All because you removed my comfort zone's plastic seal.

I don't think you will ever fully understand
The extent to which I wanted us.
I reveled in the feel of your hand on my hand,
And then you robbed me of what I wanted most.

Any slight romantic mention and my mind jumps to you--
Doesn't matter what was said, or that we are through.
Our meant-to-be began with a simple tickle and a poke,
But now, and for all eternity, I hope you fucking choke.