The acid of your rejection stings me daily.
Like a knife to the stomach, you make me
Crumble, stumble, fear pain has cost me my mind.
Couldn't you have been a little more kind?

But fine.
You don't want me?

Then cut me open,
Bleed me,
Murder me,
Let me die.
Extinguish my life's flame and,
From my ashes will come a relieved sigh.

Didn't you want me?
What did I do?
I would have given everything for you.

I gave it my all, I was my complete self,
Yet you were operating under stealth.
The guise of someone who actually cared,
You tiptoed your seduction dance while I was unawares.

And now while you're fine and I endlessly cry,
I can't help but wonder--
Was it all a lie?