The Shape-Shifter

I saw myself in the hospital bed, I died.
I cried out in anger, I deserved to be alive.
The Fever took me, I’m stuck inbetween worlds
Up into the atmosphere, my spirit swirled
Floating about, with no way to break free
Won’t someone come and rescue me?

I left the land of the living, but I still feel alive
This isn’t the end, I realise, I haven’t died
Somehow I’ve made it back, what am I to do?
Something isn’t right; I’m not as good as new

I try to fit in, but this isn’t the century I’m from,
The year of 1888 is definitely long gone.
What is this place? Metal creatures fly overhead.
The people are so mean! I wish I’d died instead.

People treat me wrongly, I want to disappear
Suddenly I notice, part of me is no longer here
My hand is gone, but the rest of me still remains,
Slowly, but surely, invisibility creeps up my veins.