What I Learned at the Dinner Table

Life's not fair,
Let's start with that.
I'm somehow thin
And my sister is fat.
I do not practice
And she is the best,
English class sucks
And my room is a mess.

In-laws are scary,
Bridezilla is bad,
Divorce rates are high now,
This makes my mom mad.
Dad says I could be a lawyer
Except then he'd have to hate me,
Nursing is out,
Jeez, I'm only fifteen!

Talent is a small factor
If you're mom volenteers,
If you're well-known and pretty
You'll be the lead every year.
The same jocks star in every sport,
"Fair" is dead and gone,
Some guys have that luck.
Tell me, should I go on?

My brother's in college
He's home for the break
He sleeps until noon and
Goes out when he's awake.
My mother's not happy with him,
My father doesn't care,
I just want to stop listening
Because my brother's unaware.

I learned a lot at the dinner table,
That I wish I never knew,
But here's what really gets me,
This is pretty new.
There's one thing my mom said to me,
I wish she didn't do.
She said I have no passion.
I know that this is true.