I Just Want to be Perfect

I don't care if it hurts me.
I want it to burn.
I want to be envy.
I want to be lust.
I want to be perfect.
And pain is a must.
I don't care if it kills me.
I want to be clean.
I want to be free.
This isn't a sham.
This is just me.
I don't have a problem.
I don't have a disease.
I do what I want.
I was born to please.
It's my own will.
It's not your pressure.
It's my own pleasure.
Not my pain.
I don't want to be normal.
I don't want to be plain.
I just want to perfect.
I'm not insane.
♠ ♠ ♠
Inspired by the line from Black Swan:
"I just want to be perfect."