A little "Rap"

Stop, drop, on the floor.

Anybody who hates me: there's the door.

As for the rest of y'all, who I hope adores:

I'm back, I lacked, but now I'm better.

I'm tryin' to make this good to the very last letter.

You know haters gonna hate, and I know this is their bait,

But this little song just can't wait.

It may be sad, and it may be bad,

And I don't mean cool, I really mean bad.

I just gotta speak my mind, so don't feel the need to be kind.

This is for me, nothing more.

So stop whining, and saying your butt's so sore.

I don't wanna have to wipe your tears up off the floor.

It may make no sence, and it may just rhyme,

But I felt it was about time.
♠ ♠ ♠
Yeah, this is totally stupid, but I just felt like being stupid for a little.