Beauty and the Beast

The selfish prince shooed her away,
He gave her no place to stay,
So she turned back to what she really was, an enchantress,
He begged and pleaded for a second chance,
He truly did stress,
But it was too late, and she gave him the trance.

Pretty Belle’s father went off to the fair,
But he got lost on the way there,
He went to the huge castle, what a mistake,
Not a smart move he did make,
The beast locked him up,
In a dark dungeon, without even a cup.

Belle came after her father, quick as can be,
After Gaston so rudely said, “Marry me.”,
She got to the castle just a little too late,
Because the beast was there,
But she offered to take place of her dad, as his inmate,
Beast agreed and sent the man away without care.

They didn’t get along, she refused,
But the battle, she quickly “losed,”
They became best friends, as he fell in love,
He let her go, so she could be with her dad,
She got on her horse, just like a dove,
Without each other, they were sad.

He wasn’t crazy, she proved it true,
They claimed Beast was dangerous, something new,
Gaston locked them up, as he went to kill,
They tried to escape until,
Chip busted them out.

The fight was harsh, but Beast didn’t care,
He just wanted Belle there,
She finally told him to fight,
Gaston slipped and fell, what a sight,
Beast was badly hurt.

His dying eyes went shut,
Because his injury was more than a cut,
“I love you,” she said as the last petal fell,
His body lifted up and beams of light came out,
This was going to be quite the story to tell
A human man looked in her eyes “It’s me Belle!” he had to shout.

She looked in his eyes and cried, “It is you!”,
The rest of the house and his friends,
Went back to their regular form,
They could all finally start brand new,
Back in the norm.

They had a dance, where everyone came,
It certainly wasn’t lame,
Everybody was happy, and full of laughter,
And Belle and the Beast lived Happily Ever After.